The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 7: Where is Audra

The previous season of The Doll Life was only for 6 episodes and I was somehow surprised that there’s a 7th episode. Myx TV’s reality TV show featuring the works of Filipino designer, Cyril Lumboy, is titled “The Doll Life” and their 7th episode is “Where is Audra?”

The title really worried me because the most lovable character and less dramatic person in this show is Audra but with this title — is she really missing? I hope she did not leave the Doll house.

The Dolls are at The Cherry Blossom Festival (again) but with a booth this time. Paula had an emergency and Cyril’s being understanding about it. Sad to say, Audra felt awkward to join them before the fashion show because of the meanies — namely Stevie and Stephanie — sabotaging her every time.

Stephanie’s friend, Long Vo, is running a convention — Pride Con — and needed Stephanie to be the Con Coordinator. Of course, she said yes, after all, she thinks highly of herself but after that, realized that she can’t do it because they have a fashion show to worry about the next day AND she’s not so sure if Cyril would be cool about her being busy with something else instead of being the “head” model and Stevie debuting his line. This whole concept is not about Doll Delight at all.

Doll Delight’s sister group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, helped out in manning the booth; however, it’s more like sitting there and buying the food that the Dolls are selling and wearing the $200 dress that was on sale. Anyway, they did help out so the Dolls invited them to an activity where they can all bond — Sumo Wrestling. It was fun and surprising that Stevie won but I enjoyed watching it.

Going back to Audra, I think that Cyril is right. If someone doesn’t feel welcome, why would you keep on going back when you know that people there are just going to be mean to you and do something so that you’ll get kicked out of the Doll house, right?

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