The Doll Life Recap Season 1 Episode 1

For those who had missed the first season of The Doll Life, here is a little flashback. This is a reality TV show by MYX TV that started in 2015 about designer Cyril Lumboy and her company, DollyDelight showing Dolly fashion, which is Japanese-inspired street wear just like dolls!

The first episode, “Photoshoot”, is where Cyril, the head model Stephanie, Paula the manager and Stevie the assistant, looked for applicants who wants to be new house models for DollyDelight. There are a lot of new faces but Ashphord and Audra really stood out.

Even on the first episode of the first season, we can see that Stephanie already has this mean girl vibe and we can really see it. I just wonder how she could stay there that long when she’s that mean and how can Cyril live with that type of person?

Anyway, Audra and Ashphord made a wonderful job in their first day and first photoshoot with DollyDelight. Audra is actually doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table book showcasing her photos and art and it’s really super cool, just like her!

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