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captain america vera baby cam

Captain America Vera Baby

Captain America is looking pretty sexy tonight. Actually, if Vera Baby is cosplaying Captain America, does that make it Captain Canada, if she is in Canada? Vera Baby is...

doll_parts captain america cam

Captain America Doll Parts

Everyone I know is all in a tizzy about Disney deciding to do a female Thor. I think there are so many cool female characters which could be focused on that this is just...

Sexy Male Super Heroes of San Diego Pride 2012

There are PLENTY of hot girls who cosplay in barely there costumes, but there is definitely a dearth of hot men in the cosplay scene. Sure, there are big muscular guys,...

Copper Makeup

Nerdy Makeup

I may be a girl but I suck at makeup so when I see someone who brings real artistry to the medium, it blows me away. Jangsara has a number of really cool eye makeup...


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