Sexy Magical Gaming With chatwave


I love discovering new things, and the gorgeous chatwave has a treat where she is playing Magical Waifus Academy, which is a game I now wish I’d picked up during the Steam Spring sale thanks to the fun time I’m having watching her play it.

The pixel art of the game is quite amazing, and chatwave’s cam room topic states that she is playing “pervy games” with a sneaky little gadget active somewhere for extra fun; and while that makes for an amazingly good time, I must say I don’t see the pervy side of the game, at least not yet, since right now it’s only showing…


…I see it now! And I must say that the artwork in the game truly shines in the parts that get…let’s say a little more “magical.” You know, those where the characters interact with each other, engaging in activities that are basically them working out together, plugging a leak or sometimes playing a flute…yeah, I think you can imagine all the fun views that come during chatwave’s lovely gaming adventure.

chatwave’s profile:

Username: chatwave
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Always Different
City: Wonderland
Country: Australia
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Occupation/Major: Wanderess
Favorite Food: Pizza


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