Novaalux’s Lovely Lego Collection


Novaalux shows her outfit: a pair of shorts that remind me of the ones Misty wears in the Pokémon anime, and a green top with a Bulbasaur on it. She’s also wearing big frog eyes on her head that give her a cute and playful look.

That’s not the only thing she features, however, because this lovely lady has another treat for us that she reveals in installments, starting with the flower bouquet she’s putting together.

She shows us some select pieces of her Lego collection, and Novaalux’s got roses, a bonsai tree that has a cherry blossom option where the flowers are frog heads, and she even has statues of Pokémon like Evee and Butterfree that she put together in the past.

I like this show of care, patience and creativity, and the fact that it comes from the sweet Novaalux makes me treasure it even more.

Novaalux’s Profile:

Username: Novaalux
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
School: I went to school for Graphic Design!
Favorite Food: Sushi
Soft Pretzels
Pets: I have 2 cats named Mio and Olive and my roommates have a dog named Faris and a cat named Keeker


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