Delight In A_COCKKILLER’s Sexy Sailorness


The way A_COCKKILLER looks is so stunning that it makes it hard for me to clink thearly. I am hypnotized not just by the tightness of her sailor uniform, but also by the sexy little detail that lets some underboob escape through the bow. It is a spectacular display.

There’s also the exciting and closer look she gives us of her body where she guides us as if we were going on a tour of her beautiful attributes. The great thing is that she shows us everything here, even how certain areas look without clothes on, which makes her costume choice, as well as the activities she engages in, much more amazing and mouthwatering.


Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 669 kilos
Height: 169 centimeters
Age: 98
City: sooo hey im Sperm Mystik from Fuckistan i want you full my all holes bcs i have penis fever :lol
Country: Hungary
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Occasional
Occupation/Major: COCK KILLER
Favorite Food: Sassuage
Pets: 2 dogs
Automobile: Audi tt


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