Charmed By Beautiful Gamer MermaidMiley


Happy memories start rushing back to me as MermaidMiley streams the game. They are all from back in the day when I used to skip meals and classes to play Call of Duty, and while that stroll down memory lane is nice, it’s nothing compared to the new memory that I am creating while enjoying her gameplay.

For starters, the view is much better here since MermaidMiley plays her shooter with a red paintjob over her weapons, which once again brings flashbacks of my own gameplays, where I would go for that same color, and replaces them with the bright lights of her beauty.

That fun little detail comes through with the kitty ears on her headset and with how awesome her blonde hair looks draped over her chest in a way that reminds me of how mermaids are supposed to cover their bare bits with their hair like that, which is an image that elevates her gameplay to a whole new level.

MermaidMiley Writes:

Certified Freak 7 Days a Week


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