Sara_Skys’ Beautiful Elf Frieren Cosplay


Such an interesting cosplay from Sara_Skys! I love how she looks with the white hair and matching eyebrows, which in my opinion is one of the best anime looks for characters to seem more powerful and even a little wise. I also like her deep eyes that have a sort of otherworldly appearance to them with how large they seem as they beckon with their own special brand of magic.

Sara_Skys cosplays as Frieren, the titular character from anime and manga series Frieren: Beyond Jorney’s End, and she portrays her excellently while adding her own daring touch through her lip and nose piercings that make this elf look sexier, wonderfully regal, and a whole lot more adorable as well.

Sara_Skys’ Profile:

Username: Sara_Skys
CamScore: 313
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 26
City: Colombia
Country: Colombia
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Model and Natural Helper
Favorite Food: Froots
Pets: Cats


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