Does Skadi’s Long Hair Look Good?


My long hair looks good? Oh, well, thank you… Would you like to feel it? It should have a soft touch. I’m confident of that.” – Skadi dialogue.

The bounty hunter, Skadi, is a 6-star “Operator” (a term for playable characters in Arknights) and depending on her skill set, it is said that she can be a formidable assassin or the perfect emergency drop. While some Arknight’s players have argued that Skadi isn’t worth getting and have deemed her “useless” in the actual game, it’s a different story in the world of cosplay because she isn’t as undesired. In fact, she’s among the most cosplayable characters. This is one of the beautiful things in cosplay, it does not care whether a character is well-liked in the gaming community. If it looks great, then it’s all good! Veteran celebrity cosplayer Aza Miyuko’s cosplay is of Skadi in her summer costume called “Waverider WR04”

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