Christmas In Fortnite With Sweet Tatsncatss


I can already feel Christmas in the air (and other sinful thingies) just by looking at the lovely Tatsncatss on this cam show where she wears a red and white top that’s just a little lacy, and it has the white fur on top that accentuates her cleavage while she plays her game.

She is going for some Fortnite goodness, and I love how she chooses her character based on who looks the most Christmas-like to stay true to the motif of her look while she spreads joy and bullets to her enemies on this gaming session that’s action-packed from the get-go.

There’s also something interesting in her room topic, sort of a Christmas wish of hers that reveals that maybe Santa will be putting Tatsncatss on the good old naughty list this year, but that’s something that just makes her show much more endearing.

Tatsncatss Writes:

Petite gamer fairy that wants you to get off!


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