Mirareed’s Galactic Spectacle Of Elven Marvels


This intriguing little show by Mirareed left me thinking about something: What if elves were creatures from another world come to this one?

The idea of a beautiful immortal creature like the one she’s portraying is already interesting to me. I mean, think about the wisdom, the experiences, the lives lived and marvels seen. Now apply that concept to infinity, as far as the universe extends, and that’s what I’m talking about.


That’s the fantasy that Mirareed inspires in me with her space elf outfit that’s so amazing I can’t stop admiring how good she looks with all the details she’s created with makeup, especially the one around her eyes; that white eyeliner that makes her gorgeous gaze appear larger and much more expressive.

It is as if her character is still awestruck from all the wondrous things she’s seen across the galaxies, and ready to absorb some more.

The best part is that, when looking at her, my eyes and heart also share that same awakening sense of marvel.

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