Nikki_Haze And The Art Of Winning At Mario Kart


I’m super excited watching Nikki_Haze playing Mario Kart, and this is because of how lovely she looks while she plays in her comfy outfit that also looks very sexy since she doesn’t have any pants on, and because she is fighting to be number one in a super-close race.

Nikki_Haze actually starts winning the race while playing with Peach dressed up as a kitty, and she leaves most of the other racers biting the dust, but there’s one player who manages to stay right at her heels, sometimes even managing to overtake her in a kind of tug of war where they both get and lose the number one spot constantly.

There’s one point where she seems to have secured the lead, and one of her opponents shoots a blue shell at her. That’s it, it’s over. At least that’s what I think, but the final lap is just getting started, and this lovely lady activates the epic switch to drift like a total pro, shaving important seconds off her time and once again reaching first place. This time for good.

“Queen of the castle!” Nikki_Haze exclaims in celebration for her victory while she smiles and talks about the skills she learned through this race to achieve this well-deserved victory.

What an extraordinary gaming moment!

Nikki_Haze Writes:

Im Nikki Ive been on MFC about 4 years now and Im the happiest I have ever been in my entire life! I love the outdoors and also love to travel when I can. I have two fur babies that I get to enjoy being home with during the days. Most of all I enjoy spending my time online during the nights with you all.


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