Kimmy_Vampire Unleashes Nezuko’s Sexy Demonic Arts


In a thrilling tribute to Kimetsu no Yaiba, or Demon Slayer as it is known in English, Kimmy_Vampire is wearing a super-accurate cosplay of Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko, only her portrayal seems to focus more on a arts that are of a more sinful and naughty nature.

The playfulness starts with her lovely smile and how she covers the room with white smoke while vaping and, amidst the smoke, she shows off all the details of her costume, from the demonic pinkish hue of her eyes right down to the bamboo muzzle around her neck, which is an interesting item on this show, because Kimmy_Vampire switches it for another plastic item that rather than stopping her from biting, it seems to encourage her to do it when it gets closer to her lips.

Kimmy_Vampire’s Profile:

Username: Kimmy_Vampire
CamScore: 414
Gender: Female
Body Type: Little in the middle
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 73 kilos
Height: 176 centimeters
Age: 28
City: Medellin
Country: Colombia
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Party
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: University
Favorite Food: Spaggetti and your neck
Pets: 2 Cat (Sasuke & sakura)
Automobile: I wish one


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