AmyAddison_ Displays The Magic Of Cuteness And Sexy Combined


I love it when a game gives players the cosmetic choice of modifying the gameplay through alternate costumes, especially when the costumes add a touch of whimsy or sexiness to the game.

In games like Lollipop Chainsaw, the alternate costumes served as a suitable excuse to have Juliet Starling beating zombies while wearing sexier and skimpier options. The Dead or Alive series also played with the sexy approach, but it added to it an artistic side to things with the inclusion of a photo mode that further justified the inclusion of varied outfits.

That being said, among all the outfits that exist as alternate options in games, there’s one that I think doesn’t get enough attention: the cow costume.

If we think about it, a cow look is incredibly versatile. It can be cute, funny, or super sexy depending on the elements it plays with, like on this AmyAddison_ show, where her cow costume takes cute elements like the ears and the horns, but dips them in allure with the skimpiness of the cow pattern to put together the ingredients for something spectacular.

Of course, a great costume is nothing without the right presentation, and AmyAddison_ nails it with her engaging and lively attitude that itself presents more sexiness in the way she models that outfit, either by showing us a taste of the underboob her top allows for or taking things closer to showcase her booty with a lovely bounce that’s just magical.

AmyAddison_ Writes:
my mane is Amy


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