A Special Technique Of Sexy Healing From Lively Nurse KatieCroft


The concept of healing has always been present in games. Maybe it is a medkit, a doctor, or a magic potion that restores our health. But what if instead of health or mana, there was an “allure” meter that our characters needed to fill up?

Imagine that, and then gaze upon the lovely KatieCroft, who today is dressed up as a very sexy nurse who seems more than willing to provide that special kind of healing of a more seductive type that relieves the mind of boredom and stress, replacing them with a nice dose of sensuality that she administers through a very interesting method.

This method involves KatieCroft inviting us to watch her play on her bed with her uniform unzipped, letting her lacy lingerie pop out, and with it her mouthwatering attributes that make that bar alluring shoot up like a star in the night sky, all through the stunning power of her beauty and her playfulness.

KatieCroft Writes:

Hi there! call me Kath (nice to meet you) I’m an happy, crazy and silly girl that love sharing time with fun, kind and pervy people. Also I love tease my body and at the same time teasing your minds.

I love animals, i’ve been volunteer at Zoo, was a beautiful experience. I have a cat her name is Canela, she is the princess of the house, althought I prefer dogs more. One of my fav hobbies is playing videogames, i’m an Xbox person foreveeer, i play games like gears of war, halo and of course Crash Bandicoot with a good pizza


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