A Spanking Good Time With Elven Birthday Girl BdayMoxxi


Birthdays are very important milestones in our lives. They allow us to assess where we are, where we’re going, what experiences we’ve had or want to have, and in the case of this show, they’re also a perfect opportunity to enjoy lots of sexy treats from a lovely elven girl because…

It’s BdayMoxxi’s birthday today!

And she is having a lovely party where she’s wearing sexy dukes (I was gonna correct it to “daisy dukes” but I like the sound of that one too) and fishnets. (Hear that? That’s the sound of me melting because of her awesome choice of stockings).

I love how cute that casual outfit looks on this elf cutie, especially when she kneels on her chair to give her bottom a few nice birthday spanks, which feels like a nice visual gifty from the gorgeous birthday girl while she plays Quickie: A Love Hotel Story.

Happy Birthday BdayMoxxi!

BdayMoxxi Writes:
Time to play!


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