The Tale Of Darth Cubbixoxo, The Naughty


Did you ever hear the tale of Darth Cubbixoxo, The Naughty?

I thought not. It’s not the kind of story a Jedi would tell. It is a story about a Sith Lady who’s so sexy and playful that she can use the force to allure anyone she desires, to create excitement where there’s boredom, and arousal where there’s a sadness.

She has such profound knowledge of desire and sensuality that she can even keep people in that blissful state for as long as she wants, whether with a smile, a flash of her boobs, or a single stare while showing off her tight Darth Vader one piece.

Search your feelings, young apprentice, and you’ll find that Cubbixoxo is the sexiest Sith Lady in the galaxy, and she’s here to teach you everything she knows about the naughty side of the force.


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