BraisleeAdams Dazzles With Her Jedi Dance


I like how BraisleeAdams’ dance starts slow, like drawing us in as she sways while her hair flutters with the breeze from a distant planet. It is the grace of a jedi in full display here, and her costume, both accurate and sexy, just makes everything feel much more immersive.

Her movements soon become more energetic, and BraisleeAdams takes out her trusty tool. No, it’s not a lightsaber, this time it’s a hula hoop that helps her show us what the sexy side of the force can do when channeled correctly. It is stunning, hypnotic, and one of the best ways to celebrate Star Wars Day.

BraisleeAdams Writes:

~*~*~*~*Hula Hoop Extraordinaire*~*~*~*~


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