Loren_suit’s Cute And Colorful D.Va Cosplay Show


It’s time for me to take a peek into the world of Overwatch. Usually there’s a battle going on with various characters chasing each other down in an arena, but today the battle has stopped so one very special character can show off her beauty in Loren_suit’s room.

I am of course talking about D.Va – the gamer girl who plays to win. She already looks so amazing in the game, but there’s something extra cute about seeing her come to life. I think it’s all thanks to Loren_suit’s own adorable smile. The outfit itself looks like it came straight out of an actual match and she even has D.Va’s pink whiskers painted on her face.

As an added detail, Loren_suit has added a pair of devilish horns usually belonging to Zero Two right on top of her head. Now that is a great way to unite two franchises while making this cosplay stand out even more.

Loren_suit's Cute And Colorful D.Va Show

Loren_suit's Cute And Colorful D.Va Show

Loren_suit's Cute And Colorful D.Va Show

Loren_suit writes:

Username: Loren_suit
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 155 centimeters
Age: 22
City: planet mars
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Moderate
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: studient
Favorite Food: chocolat, pasta, chesee
Pets: i love animals
Automobile: quiero uno :((


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