Nikki_Carter’s Batty Beauty


Is it Batman? Is it Batgirl? It’s none of them! Instead Nikki_Carter is showing off her batty side in a very unique way and I’m excited to explore this stylish show even further.

Her own Gothic style is mixing together with lots of bat-like features today. There are the bat wings coming out from the side of her head that make her look almost like a vampire in the middle of a transformation. She even has sharp teeth like one and they can be seen every time she smiles for the camera. Her top is the shape of a bat, making her look even more stylish.

Nikki_Carter truly is a batty beauty and I mean that in the best possible way. She promises to do something special for this International Women’s Day and I look forward to seeing what that means.

Nikki_Carter's Batty Beauty

Nikki_Carter's Batty Beauty

Nikki_Carter's Batty Beauty

Nikki_Carter writes:

Hello my lovely ones. My name is Nika, im 21 years old girl living in a small town of Rakvere, which in Estonia. The life here is very quiet and calm, i love it so much. Here in the city we have a beautiful ancient castle, if you are going to Estonia , be sure to check it out 😉 I live here since my childhood, and there is no place in the world like this for me, it will be it take a special place in my heart! I want to tell you about myself – i love to meet new people and make friends! Im fond of running and physical activity: i love jogging, finnish walking, and yoga. When i first started yoga, it changed my life forever. I became more mature physically and sexually, this activity helped me a lot in exlporing my body. I should say, physical activity turns me on so much! In my free time i like to draw, and im a pretty good at it 😉 so, if you would like i can show you my art! Several years ago i bought myself the first tatoo machine, so, im also a tattoo artist!!! Im pretty good at my hobby so if you want i can make a design for you! The reason im here is pretty simple guys – i love sex, i can describe myself as a sexoholic, and i want to try more and know more about it. I love meeting new people and sharing their and my desires between us. I would love to show what i already learned, and with greatest pleasure i will take the knowledges from you.


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