Mistyphoenix_ Scores A Winning Point Of Ultimate Cuteness


Mistyphoenix_’s show reminds me of a genre that I often overlook when thinking about video games. I have played many iterations, versions, and installments of these games in my life, but it’s a “tradition” that I forgot about until this trip down memory lane inspired by her outfit reminded me of it. I am of course talking about Football (soccer) games.

I don’t want to name any names or brands of games, since everyone has a preferred game and yearly version, and while I could tell you all about me and my friends playing, how I bonded even with family through these games, and how we used to hold tournaments with our favorite teams, I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I will touch on (and “touch” is actually a verb charged with desire here) the sexy Football uniform that Mistyphoenix_ is wearing, which looks like it is from the Barcelona Football Club, just a naughtier version than the ones we’re used to seeing on the field. It also has a nice cuteness to it, since this blonde angel wears a jersey with the number 10, and “Baby” as her player name, which is a lovely surprise that comes almost like a secret while she models that outfit, demonstrating that she is a great and spirited player that could inspire and lead any team to victory with her charm alone, no matter the odds they’re facing.

Mistyphoenix_’s Profile:

Username: Mistyphoenix_
CamScore: 179
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Weight: 42 kilos
Height: 155 centimeters
Age: 21
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Favorite Food: Japanese, Italian, Spanish
Pets: Cats, dogs, girafe, coalas, kangaroos =)
Automobile: BMW, Jigoulee, Niva, Mercedes, Porche


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