FTVMILFs: Melody In A Ride Of Elven Bliss


An FTVMILFs song we can savor through our eyes. Melody, a cute and lovely elven beauty is wearing her white robes while she checks if she’s alone for some moments of indulgence. She takes off her clothes like magic. They just disappear, gone in a blink, and she’s there, plenty bare in a communion with nature, and yet it is not magic or mystique what’s on her mind, but a thrill of a different kind.

Melody wants to go for a ride, and so she does. Not on steed or chariot, but on a statue, and she brings that inanimate playmate to life with her creative tools, and she rides, standing still. To the untrained eye it may seem she’s going nowhere, but they’d be wrong, she is travelling miles, to another dimension, taking paces, strides and leaps to get to that destination where she sates her need for the sinful, and she approaches that realm, moving to it fast, attaining bliss at last.

FTVMILFs Writes:

Melody’s Statistics
Age: 26 | Height: 5’4″ | Figure: 32B-25-35

The stunning Melody is back on FTV and we couldn’t be happier! We get reacquainted with this beautiful woman as she relaxes on a chair in a white button-up town and short sexy skirt with knee high socks. She slowly opens her top, caressing her pert breasts with her hands before licking and sucking on one of her favorite large black vibrators. Spreading her legs on the chair we see she has no panties on, and we’re given a nice close perspective as she rubs the toy against her privates and then fucks herself with it, enjoying a nice orgasm! Heading out into the back yard, we see Melody in elf ears and a long flowing white gown playing in the breeze…she definitely loves cosplay and looks amazing doing it! We see her climbing on top of a cat statue in the yard, sucking on a suction cup dildo attached to the back to show her oral skills, then she climbs on top and goes for a hard deep ride on the toy. Next we go back inside to see her dancing in a loose red dress, and wow her moves are seductive and sensual as she slowly strips down nude while grooving to the rhythm! Grabbing the powerful vintage Vibraking toy she spreads her legs and lays on the couch for some intense masturbation, her legs shaking from the powerful sensations as she enjoys another climax. Going out in public, she enjoys a little naughty fingering fun outside an office window before saying her goodbyes…it’s always a good time when this irresistibly beautiful woman Melody comes to visit FTV!


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