Natalia_Rae Opens Up The Jackbox Party Pack


The Jackbox Party Pack games are always a great way to get a gaming party started and that’s exactly what Natalia_Rae is doing as part of her show right now.

Looks like there’s been a murder at this party! Not to worry, that’s just a round of Trivia Murder Party that is underway. Various pop culture trivia questions fly on the screen as players try to answer without making a single mistake. Just one wrong answer and they could end up turning into a ghost and having to draw „nature“ to figure out who gets to survive.

This particular murder party is already heading towards its conclusion, but I hear whispers of even more games coming next and that’s just one of the many reasons to check out Natalia_Rae’s show today.

Natalia_Rae Opens Up The Jackbox Party Pack

Natalia_Rae Opens Up The Jackbox Party Pack

Natalia_Rae Opens Up The Jackbox Party Pack

Natalia_Rae writes:

Youll often hear me refer to my room as a safe space & I genuinely mean it. I know it can be intimidating to chat sometimes, especially when theres a lot going on in the room, but PLEASE dont ever be afraid to chime in! I can assure you, I want to hear what you have to say!

. . .Unless youre being a dick. Then I can assure you that no one wants to hear it. (:

When I first started camming, I never imagined it would turn into what it is today. You guys are my best friends. Youre the people I share the details of my day with at the end of the night. The people who show up time and time again, even if just for a moment, because you wanted to say Hi or put a smile on my face. Youre the people I confide in. Youre my safe space too.

Im incredibly free spirited & down to earth. My room is always light hearted and welcoming. Positive vibes only. Sarcasm is in my blood; Please dont take me too seriously. It takes a lot to offend me but dont push your limits.

Im on a mission to travel the world! Camming has given me the freedom to do so, and Im forever grateful to be part of this community. I truly believe, that if more people had the opportunity to travel, more often, the world would be a little less cruel and a lot more understanding.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, because the world needs more L O V E. I choose to see the good in the world every single day. Life is as beautiful as you choose to make it. I believe in always leaving people better than you found them; Smile, say Hello, compliment someone, listen, love. One of my favorite quotes is,

“Don”t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.”


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