Love The Tease If Mini_Diva Maid It


A smooth booty shake, akin to a pendulum, but twice as hypnotizing. The loose straps of a French maid dress, elegantly hinting at the newly formed cleavage that promises a glorious and revealing slide that lets more be seen in a tempting spell adorn the captivating nature of this show that makes the eye want to take in every single thing, going over the details like when reading a book, and a particularly engrossing scene happens.

Mini_Diva runs her hands over her booty, spanking it playfully as the twerking goes on. Her round glasses give an adorable look to her pretty face, adding a touch of dainty innocence that’s heart-melting and irresistible, and it brings a new state of allure to her dancing while she sways, bends over and shows off her body in motion, letting exciting peeks down her blouse arrive gorgeously and seamlessly as she keeps the energy high and the seductive glances flowing non-stop.

Mini_Diva’s Profile:

Username: Mini_Diva
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Green
Weight: 45 kilos
Height: 157 centimeters
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Marital Status: Single


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