EpicFu Maid A Legendary Fantasy


A task made sexy with a secret. It is a secret of beauty and seduction that EpicFu reveals to us, only us. Confidentially connecting us through its power as she playfully vacuums the floor while in her pressed maid uniform. EpicFu takes care of the carpet dressed this way, but it is the secret, this concealment, that turns her housework into a seductive tease.

It combines the window on her chest with something unseen, and herein lies the marvel of it, because it makes it more intimate to know that, while EpicFu vacuums, she is now completely devoid of underwear covering her naughty bits, and a sudden bend, turn or rise could remind us of this fact with a grand reveal at any time, making watching her doing this chore an exhilarating thing that builds up on the sensual with every…single…second.

They say knowledge is power, but here, just this once, thanks to EpicFu, knowledge is pleasure.

EpicFu’s Profile:

Username: EpicFu
Gender: Female
Age: 109
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Occupation/Major: MFC entertainment


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