Blather ‘Round With LilKittenLuna


LilKittenLuna is opening up the the Jackbox Party Pack once again and it contains all sorts of fun games for everyone to take part of. Today’s choice happens to be Blather ’Round.

Players take turns trying to describe a prompt they have been given, but they only have certain words they can use and they don’t quite tell the full story. It’s up to viewers to guess what that prompt is and those guesses can even become part of the overall description.

What’s a story about an amazing deadly young situation character and a bad hero dying? The answer is obviously Lethal Weapon. That’s just one of the many fun situations LilKittenLuna finds herself in as this game continues to draw her viewers in. I’m loving how much fun it all is to watch.

Blather 'Round With LilKittenLuna

Blather 'Round With LilKittenLuna

Blather 'Round With LilKittenLuna

LilKittenLuna writes:

cow hugger | plant daddy | definition of a hot mess


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