Nikki_Haze Goes For The Win In Mario Kart


I have to begin by saying how much I love the atmosphere in Nikki_Haze’s room. It’s like taking a peek into a winter wonderland, one that features a gorgeous Christmas tree, lots of decorations and a playful beauty in the middle of it all.

The game today is Mario Kart and I love the way she has set-up the screen. There’s the game itself in one corner, the beauty in the other and various characters hanging around in the background. I can see Peach waving a racing flag and that’s exactly when the actual cup begins as Nikki_Haze drifts around corners in various versions of Rainbow Road.

This particular cup ends at the Haunted Mansion and with Nikki_Haze taking first place with well timed power-ups. Watching this show is a wonderful way to make this holiday season even more fun!

Nikki_Haze Goes For The Win In Mario Kart

Nikki_Haze Goes For The Win In Mario Kart

Nikki_Haze Goes For The Win In Mario Kart

Nikki_Haze writes:

Hello guys!
Im Nikki Ive been on MFC about 4 years now and Im the happiest I have ever been in my entire life! I love the outdoors and also love to travel when I can. I have two fur babies that I get to enjoy being home with during the days. Most of all I enjoy spending my time online during the nights with you all. As far as room rules I just ask that everyone is respectful to each other and to me as well and you will receive the same respect. Please do not be demanding or rude because it will not be tolerated.

For newcomers, take a little while to have a look over my profile to get an idea of my tip menu and things that I offer. And, of course, make sure you follow me on Twitter for the latest updates on when I am on and what I am up to. There are videos on my MFC Share which you can see at the bottom of my profile and there’s always my Snapchat for those of you who want a closer look at my life off cam and daily nudes and sexy pics that you cant see anywhere else! .

Come say hello in chat for fun and laughter and occasionally some drinks as well.


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