Kequing Has Gift For You


I am Keqing, Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. We live in an era of change, as the old order that has existed for a thousand years is about to be rewritten. Join me. Let us bear witness to this historical moment together. -Kequing

Keqing, from Genshin Impact is described as having fair skin and amethyst-colored eyes with oval cat-like pupils with diamond-shaped markings on her pupils. She has purple hair that is tied into twin-tails that drop down to the length of her waist. They’re topped by odango-style buns that are shaped like cat ears. She is mostly seen wearing her default outfit, called Piercing Thunderbolt, but not in this cosplay! ‘Tis the season! so this stunning cosplayer, Evie Lee, who is also known as “Mikomin” to plenty of fans, wears a christmassy outfit together with her Keqing cosplay.

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