Amanda Poldark’s Demelza Poldark Cosplay


From the red hair to the simple coral dress, Amanda Poldark’s cosplay offers a wonderful representation of Demelza and good photography from Greyroamer Photography. The dress here is a little simpler than the one Demelza wears in the show, but its loose fit adds to Demelza’s lower-class background. The costume also adheres to the late 18th century historical setting, looking like it could’ve come right out of the show. In Amanda Poldark’s eyes reside the same fiery spirit that constitutes Demelza, which really makes this cosplay a winner among the few Poldark cosplays that are out there. The hand on hip pose is another great indicator of Demelza’s attitude.


Representing one of my all time fave BBC period dramas for Day 3 of #29DaysOfBlackCosplay!
Demelza- Poldark 2015
(Photo credit: Greyroamer Photography)


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