Kimmy_Vampire’s Cute And Colorful Raven Cosplay


Usually Raven is busy kicking ass with the rest of the Teen Titans, but today is Halloween. The night for spooks and fabulous parties. So she gets to hang out in front of the camera while Kimmy_Vampire brings the character to life in a stylish way.

First of all, I love all the decorations in her room. They really put me in the Halloween spirit. Of course it takes me a bit to even notice the decorations, it’s her beauty and style that commandeers my attention.

Kimmy_Vampire’s outfit looks like it jumped straight out of a comic book or an episode of the TV show. It’s so colorful, cute and mysterious at the same time. Spending some time with this Raven sounds like the perfect Halloween treat to me!

Kimmy_Vampire's Cute And Colorful Raven Cosplay

Kimmy_Vampire's Cute And Colorful Raven Cosplay

Kimmy_Vampire's Cute And Colorful Raven Cosplay

Kimmy_Vampire writes:

I’m Kimmy Vampire and I really like to read and write erotic poetry. I like to see when someone gets hit a slap or a simple scratch. I am excited by the expressions of other people. I like to see, I like to do. I enjoy hitting and being hit. More than anything I enjoy being with you and meeting new people with totally different tastes. I like diversity and I do not mean only the sexual aspect. Although I clarify, I love women and enjoy a good man. I have common hobbies like watching anime, movies and go to the cinema. I am a person to take a few drinks accompanied by good music. I enjoy solitude and stillness but when I am in company I value a good conversation about everyday life, simple things I would say.


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