_Hannajonesblake_ Steps Into Deadman Wonderland As Shiro


It’s time to take a trip inside the world of Deadman Wonderland and to guide us all within it is none other than _Hannajonesblake_ dressed up as Shiro.

Deadman Wonderland is actually a prison that also acts as a theme park. One of the members there is Shiro, who is known for her pale, albino looks. This cosplay captures that fantastically with the bodysuit and the long hair both looking as white as snow. The only thing adding some color are the various red rings all over the outfit, just like in the series.

Going through a theme park prison sounds quite dangerous to me, but thankfully _Hannajonesblake_ is here and ready to help everyone along the way with her stylish cosplay show.

_Hannajonesblake_ Steps Into Deadman Wonderland As Shiro

_Hannajonesblake_ Steps Into Deadman Wonderland As Shiro

_Hannajonesblake_ writes:

Real Name: Hanna
Birth Date: June 29, 2001
Age: 21
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Women, Men, Couples
Location: South America – Twiiter @HannaJonesBlake
Language(s): Spanish/English


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