Comic Market 100 Cosplays


The 100th Comic Market or C100 held at Tokyo Big Sight on August 13–14, 2022 was not without its challenges. Days before the event, the very hot summer climate had led the organizers to announce a designated first aid corner with doctors and nurses stationed to meet convention goers incase of any untoward incidents. But on the first day of the event, it had rained a due to a typhoon crossing Tokyo. Although the cooler temperature helped prevent heat strokes, the rain wasn’t pleasant for those who were in long queues outside waiting to enter the building.

Strict measures were implemented as no tickets were to be sold at the event area. The participants were to bring their tickets with their names on it and a valid ID that matches the name on the ticket. A few hundred people who did not bring IDs and used tickets under other people’s names were strictly refused entry to the building.

Due to the COVID-19 protocols, the venue was only allowed a total number of 85,000 participants per day, totaling to 170,000 participants for both days which is a huge difference from the pre-pandemic 2019 numbers which were more or less than 740,000 people. As a result, there were also less cosplayers that were able to attend. Nevertheless, they were wonderful and here are some of them.


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