Free On-Demand Re-Broadcast Video of 2022 Bazowie! Awards presented by Zinetastic


On May the Fourth, we honored the winners of the 2022 Bazowie! Awards in a livestreamed red carpet and virtual ceremony. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us to watch, to appear on the digital red carpet, and to hang out in the chat. Thanks so much to Kate Redmane and Lily Octolien for being everything we could have dreamed of as hosts. Winners, please use the contact form to make sure we have your shipping address to send you your crystal ball spaceship trophy. We are very excited about our spaceship crystal ball trophies because they are so pretty and we love the way these sculptures express the combination of fantasy and science fiction that we love in fandom, but please handle with care as these are cut crystal and very heavy.

Thank you so much to our Bazowie Awards presenting sponsor Zinetastic, who made this event possible. Zinetastic is also the new distributor for Bazowie Magazine. We are very excited to be part of this curated platform which makes it easier to find cool cosplay, gothic, and other alternative books and magazines. You can download our Bazowie Awards program guide issue of Bazowie Magazine at now using coupon code bazowie

Thank you so much to MyFreeCams whose sponsorship supports and Bazowie Magazine and enables us to do all the press coverage we do of cosplayers, fandom streams, science fiction tv and movies, and all the nerdy things we all love. You can click this link to MFC on and receive a free membership to MyFreeCams.

The full list of nominees is here. Thank you to Cutter and the AltPorn.Net team for being generous with their expertise helping us with putting on the event. Thanks to everyone who did such excellent work this past year, despite the challenges we all had to live with. Maybe next year, the Bazowie Awards will be live in-person. On the plus side, science fiction fans have been prepping for the apocalypse for a long time, so maybe we were better prepared.

I’m so glad that one day, nearly two decades ago, I decided the world needed and needed a place to celebrate the sexiness of cosplay, science fiction, and fantasy. Over the many years SexyFandom has been celebrating creativity in cosplay and all things science fiction and fantasy fandom, art forms like cosplay have moved from the fringes to enjoy greater and greater popularity, as they should. has gone from being just me blogging about sex robots and cute costumes and books and movies I like … to publishing Bazowie! Magazine and having more than fifty writers blogging about sex robots and cute costumes and books and movies … and, of course, this awards show. If you love science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, comics, superheroes, anime, RPGs and other tabletop games, and the future of technology, honoring excellence in cosplay and other fandom, this is the awards show for you. The Bazowie! Awards is specifically to honor creators of all the amazing work being done with themes of cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, video games, and anime.


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