Jane_Darlin Is A Lucky Star


Well I surely am counting my Lucky Stars because it seems that I have stumbled upon the cutest one of them all – and she goes by the name of Jane_Darlin. It’s kind of like she’s going for a mix from a few Lucky Stars, with the cutest smile across all of them too.

I love seeing a cool schoolgirl uniform from an anime, but what I particularly enjoy about this one is just how colorful it is. The bright purple color, the sprinkles of yellow that are scattered on the tie she’s wearing as well as the almost neon blue hair all make for quite the sight to witness.

With a bubbly personality, cool outfit and a lot of fun things to get up to, Jane_Darlin is ready to have fun!

Jane_Darlin Is A Lucky Star

Jane_Darlin Is A Lucky Star

Jane_Darlin writes:

Real Name: Bambietta Valentain
Followers: 3585
Birth Date: Oct. 10, 2002
Age: 19
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Women, Men, Couples, Trans


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