Announcing Bazowie Awards 2022 Nominees


Bazowie AwardsCelebrating creativity in cosplay and all things science fiction and fantasy fandom for nearly two decades, we are so very pleased to announce the nominees for the 2022 Bazowie! Awards. We really appreciate all of your wonderful suggestions and it has been such a pleasure to see so many amazing creative people doing such fantastical works. pursuits for grown-ups. If you love science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, comics, superheroes, anime, RPGs and other tabletop games, and the future of technology, honoring excellence in cosplay and other fandom, this is the awards show for you.

Over the many years we have been covering the scene, art forms like cosplay have moved from the fringes to enjoy greater and greater popularity, as they should. And this site has gone from being just me blogging about sex robots and cute costumes and books and movies I liked … to publishing Bazowie! Magazine and having more than fifty writers blogging about sex robots and cute costumes and books and movies … and, of course, this awards show. It has been a lovely experience.

Please use the links below to vote for your favorites. If you only want to vote in one category, that is fine. If you want to share your opinion on all of them, that works too. You are welcome to vote for yourself or to ask others to vote for you. (Please only one set of votes per day, meaning you can vote in multiple categories each day, but please only once daily per category.) Shares on Twitter of who you voted for will be factored in. Winners are selected based on a combination of our editorial panel of judges and voting and Twitter shares from the community.

The Bazowie! Awards is specifically to honor creators of all the amazing work being done with themes of cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, video games, and anime and we can’t wait to see who everyone votes for.

Bazowie Awards 2022 Sexiest Cosplayer

  • 16bitsami
  • Aoi Momoko
  • Eugenia Haruno Bellomia
  • Hana Bunny
  • Helly Valentine
  • Jessica Nigri
  • Kalinka Fox
  • KaYa Huang
  • Meg Turney
  • Miih Cosplay
  • Mon
  • Niyeye
  • Raychul Moore
  • Ri Care
  • Ri.Nii
  • Rolyat
  • Saya the Fox
  • Shui Miao Aqua
  • Taryn
  • Violet Myers

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Detailed Cosplayer

  • Alyson Tabbitha
  • Andy Rae
  • Fukuro
  • Giulietta Zawadzki
  • Irina Meier
  • Jessica Nigri
  • Kalinka Fox
  • Maul Cosplay
  • Narga
  • NerdAlert
  • Raychul Moore
  • Saya the Fox
  • Stella Chuu
  • Taryn
  • YaYa Han

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Kawaii Cosplayer

  • Aoi Momoko
  • f.oxbaby
  • Hana Bunny
  • Hidori Rose
  • KaYa Huang
  • Miih Cosplay
  • Mon
  • Ri Care
  • Ri.Nii
  • Shibuya Kaho

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Spoopy Cosplayer

  • Andy Rae
  • Cubbi Thompson
  • Dani Divine
  • Jewelz Blu
  • KalinkaFox
  • Masuimi Max
  • Mightyraccoon
  • Purplemuffinz
  • Raven Noir
  • Ri.Nii
  • Rolyat
  • Sabien Demonia

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Fandom Magazine (that isn’t Bazowie!)

  • Colin Magazine
  • Con Artist Magazine
  • Cosplay Double Double
  • Cosplay Realm
  • Cosplay Society
  • Cosplay Zine
  • Creative Cosplays
  • Devil Cosplay
  • Ltx Magazine
  • Masquerade

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Streaming Platform

  • Chaturbate
  • eplay
  • MyFreeCams
  • Trovo.Live
  • Twitch
  • YouNow

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Membership Site

  • CosplayBabes
  • CosplayDeviants
  • CosplayErotica
  • Cospuri
  • Blue Bloods EroticFandom
  • Hentaied
  • VRCosplayX

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Cosplay Cam

  • Aguara Anterion
  • AshleyyLovee
  • Caitie Rage
  • Canndy Model
  • Chrissy LeBlanc
  • Cubbi Thompson
  • Darcy Nycole
  • Finley Fae
  • Holli Would
  • JuicyyyFruit
  • Kasara wood
  • Kawaii Girl
  • Kitty_Parker
  • Lara Loxley
  • Marilyn Jane
  • Naoko Mori
  • Pollyrocket
  • Raven_noir
  • RocknRose
  • Sarah Minage
  • Sasha Raee
  • Shizuko Yoki
  • Sinomin
  • SugaryBunny
  • Violet Myers
  • Virtual Lady

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Nerd Cam

  • Arwen Datnoid
  • Baby Zelda
  • Corrina Karma
  • Fuuka Doll
  • Lexa Luv
  • Lilith Celeste
  • Lilith Petite
  • Mira xo
  • Miss Mao
  • Molly Mayhem
  • Molly Moans
  • Nana Queen
  • Nel P Parker
  • Nova Squid
  • Oppaibby
  • Quincy
  • RinCity
  • Vecca Salt

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best NerdTok Thirst Trap

  • Adrian Bliss
  • Dessyy
  • f.oxbaby
  • Haley Louise
  • Holofox
  • Indigo White
  • Jake Laser
  • Leon Chiro
  • m0m0_san95
  • Mama Kerrr
  • Mars X
  • Medusa
  • Metro Mike
  • MissTwisteddd
  • Nate K Weir
  • Primal Darkness
  • Taryn
  • Xiao King Karma Scapegoat
  • zorinblitzz

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Clip Artist

  • AliceBong
  • Amber Hallibell
  • Catch My Vibe
  • Elisabeth Weir
  • Flame Jade
  • Gladyce Foxy
  • Hidori Rose
  • Indigo White
  • Jewelz Blu
  • Kendra James
  • Korallulu
  • Korinakova
  • Lana Rain
  • Little Puck
  • Miss LoLo
  • Molly Redwolf
  • Naughty Senpai
  • Nikki Sequoia
  • Octokuro
  • Penny Barber
  • Purple Bitch
  • Rainbowslut
  • Sia Siberia
  • SugaryBunny
  • Sweetie Fox
  • Zirael Rem

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Sci Fi Toy

  • Bishop from Bad Dragon
  • doHna doHna AlyCE from Tama Toys
  • JoyStick from Gelatinous Creations
  • Krakenoid from Sinnovator
  • Ledo from Bad Dragon
  • Maw from Sinnovator
  • Necrons from Nothosaur
  • Radio Pop from Desires Toys
  • Vector from Bad Dragon

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Fantasy Toy

  • Dragon Egg from Phreak.
  • Gorgons Sthenos Tongue from Love Smiths
  • Knil from Desires Toys
  • Krustaceous from FireCrotchToys
  • Lovely Giant from OrganoToy
  • Mandrake from Sinnovator
  • Meng from Bad Dragon
  • Purra from Xenocat Artifacts
  • Scimitar from Mr. Hankeys
  • Sword Paddle from GelatinousCreations
  • Tail Handler from OxBalls

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Horror Toy

  • Ambrose from Twilight MeadowCreations
  • Baphomet from DarkerHorseToys
  • Davids Paw from Bad Dragon
  • Giseon Bundle from Weredog
  • Kinky Cobra from Mr. Hankeys Toys
  • Kthulu from Mr. Hankeys Toys
  • Shin from Monster Smash
  • Stella from KuduVoodoo
  • W Wand Topper 15 from Strange Bedfellas
  • Xeno the Larva from Fantasticocks

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Anime Toy

  • Audrey II Ovipositor from Nothosaur
  • Caeda the Hive Queen ovipositor from Fantasticocks
  • Davys Tendrils from Mr. Hankeys Toys
  • Grand Deceiver from Monster Smash
  • Habu from Bad Dragon
  • Karuno the Trans Male Packer from Fantasicocks
  • Kraken Double Tentacle from Sinnovator
  • Larry from Phreak.
  • Lenea Depth Trainer from Phreak.
  • Tentoulli from Baphomets Workshop
  • Twisted Tentacles from John Thomas

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Replicant

  • Blue Avatar from SM Doll
  • D with Allura Head from YLDoll
  • Dark Elf from SE Doll
  • Delilah from YLDoll
  • Elaine from URDolls
  • Elf 64 from SM Doll
  • Elf Dora from Doll_Forever
  • Fern from SE Doll
  • Huge Breast Elf from JYDoll
  • Laura from SE Doll
  • Mia from IronTech
  • Scarlet Elf from IronTech
  • Sylph from SE Doll
  • Warrior Charles from IronTech

Bazowie Awards 2022 Best VR

  • A Nightmare On Wankz Street from WankzVR
  • A Nightmare On Wankz Street: Freaky Flashback from WankzVR
  • Bullet Witch from VRCosplay
  • Bunny Battle Royale From WankzVR
  • Daizy Doll from VRHush
  • Danganronpa: Ibuki Mioda from VRCosplay
  • Double Barrel For Sakura Haruno From VirtualTaboo
  • Evangelion: Rei Ayanami from VRCosplay
  • Kokeshi from Badoink
  • Look At Me Rick and Morty Parody from WankzVR
  • Rabbit Hero Miruko from SexLikeReal
  • SamSuck Assistant 0 from VRConk
  • Spider Man A XXX Parody from VRConk
  • STAR WARS The Mandalorian Ahsoka Tano A XXX Parody
  • Teen Titans from VRCosplay
  • The Matrix A XXX Parody from VRConk
  • Tips Dont Grow On Trees From VirtualTaboo

  • Bazowie Awards 2022 Best Cosplay Photographer

    • Alexandra Lee
    • Moegan
    • Daniele Cosenza
    • David Ngo
    • KIRA Photoarts
    • Martin Wong
    • Milligan Vick
    • Pugoffka
    • Saffels
    • Shiro Ang

    Bazowie Awards 2022 Quirkiest Accomplishment

    • Best Human/Adorable Critter Collaboration:
      Marica Hase and Buusan the pig
    • Best Playable Strip Cosplay Game:
      Evie Rees – Giffany Game
    • Best Ruining Xmas:
      Tommy Pistol and Ashley Lane – The Bargain (AdultTime)
    • Best Use of a Chainsaw in Cosplay:
      Jessica Nigri Execution of Sieg’s Chainsawman/Denji Tutorial
    • Best Use of a Morty Head in Smut:
      Scarlet Chase and Elic – Morty Finally Gets to Give Jessica his Pickle! and Glaze her Face

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