Jupiter gets messy in the good way


This Jupiter shoot from BlueBlood showcases the best color work I’ve seen since Van Halen’s Jump. We have a lot of fun things going on in this shoot by Clix MessyHot and all of it is magical. If you are a fan of color work or food play then look no further.

Jupiter makes the perfect mess. The style starts out all day-glo and ends in food-porn hot enough to make Sean Evans break a sweat. I love shoots where it looks like the model and photographers have a blast. This shoot reminds me of the old Vegas parties where foam would fill the room with multicolored swirls, lights, and neon shots flew from test tubes and directly into the mouths of patrons. It was messy. It was colorful. It was a lot of fun. Fast forward a few decades and we run into the perfect set up once again. Instead of heavy dance music and glow in the dark shots, we have Jupiter taking center stage with her perfect mix of pink, blond, and blue hair, makeup and outfit. Of course, what glowing outfit would be complete without a killer black (with skulls!) skirt and spiked heels?

There is so much goodness going on in this one shoot that I honestly can’t tell you where the frosting and sprinkles come from. I know it starts clean (even slightly SFW) and ends up in ooey-gooey goodness. There is even a shot or two where the panties come off and everything gets mixed in a neon swirl of the living calaloo.

If you ever were interested in food play or just want to sit back and watch someone have fun with a rainbow of colors – then this is 100% your jam. It’s fun. It’s energy. It’s dead sexy. The safe for work pictures are hot but the not-safe for work views are well worth the price of admission. Click on through – you can thank me later.

I first met Jupiter at photographer/promoter Clix’s Bubble Bobble event. She’d flown out from the Pacific NW for foam party fun and to shoot colorful cake naughtiness with Clix. I hope you all enjoy the fruits of their sweet collaboration here. We’re all excited here at Blue Blood HQ to head to Arizona next week for Clix’s Lingerieve 12 event sponsored by MyFreeCams!
–Amelia G


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