Kitty Katarina Is Ready For Trouble


If there’s one thing I love about League of Legends aside from the gameplay, it’s the champion skins. Take for example this Kitty Katarina cosplay by Taiwanese model and cosplayer, Julia. While detailed costumes are indeed magnificent when perfectly embodied, I do believe that even the simple ones are wonderful to cosplay given that the costumes are accurately made and the character personalities match.

While most people know who Katarina is by name, profession, and her skills as they’ve played her in game, quite a number don’t know about her written background – which is not really something you can use in-game but in my opinion, it’s something interesting about the character.

As a child Katarina has been always gifted in the skill of combat. She is the daughter of Noxian, a prominent general and one of the best assassins in Noxus. When Katarina demanded to have her first assignment, she was assigned to kill a low ranked Demacian officer however in her arrogance she assassinated the Demacian General instead which lead to a Demacian revenge against the Noxian troops in the form of an ambush. Katarina fought the Demacian soliders in an almost losing battle which left her a scar which serves her as a reminder of the horrible mistake she had committed.


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