Intoxicating Shuten Douji Cosplay


There’s not a lot of cosplays of this going on but it’s probably because Shuten Douji is more than a little risqué to cosplay because of the lack of garments. However, for some cosplayers like Chono Black, there’s nothing uncomfortable about showing some skin. Chono Black’s been known to show skin in her previous cosplays so cosplaying this is definitely not a new feeling for her and might even be a piece of cake.

Shuten Douji is a character from the well-known Fate/Series fandom. She appears in the RPG game for Android and iOS called Fate/Grand Order which debuted in 2004. Considered to be one of Japan’s three great monsters, Shuten Douji is believed to be born from the union of a human and that of a dragon god. She can make her targets drunk through a tone of voice, a sigh, or just a gaze. This skill is called “Tipsiness of a Fruit.”


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