Burlesque Vampiress RocknRose


RocknRose announced tonight’s show on her schedule, saying:

Special (small) show tomorrow night😉
Night of Thirst
Perhaps she was bitten….
Perhaps not…
But she is looking to quench her erotic thirst…

Come enjoy a night of Halloween style Erotic Burlesque

Doors Open Sat Oct 16 at 9pm CDT
Keep your eyes open and your neck covered…

She is wearing an incredibly beautiful and unique custom burlesque dancer outfit. She says the shoes are from Hell, but she still manages to dance in those toweringly high heels. The background and furniture has that feel of vampiric elegance. All her shows involve coordinating everything from the theme into what she wears and does and how the room looks and how the music sounds. So, yeah, hot burlesque dancer vampire costume. And this is what RocknRose considers a “(small) show” when, for most people, this would be … well, as remarkable as it is. Edit: Goodness gracious, even the red sparkles on her pasties are in the shape of blood dripping rivulets over her breasts.

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