BaileyRayne Plushie Size Queen


So, you might be noticing the giant Pikachu next to BaileyRayne in her livestream tonight. This particular Pikachu has a funny origin story. BaileyRayne was at Dave & Buster’s, which is an American chain of restaurants, with lots of games and activities, that are like if Applebee’s were fun. It is often a restaurant people might go with families or on really wholesome dates. So BaileyRayne went with a friend who was super good at the games there and won a huge stuffed Pokemon plush. They had the yellow stuffie ride home in the front seat of the Uber. I would love to have seen the Uber driver’s face. Too funny. Anyway, that Pikachu grew up to do some naughty things. BaileyRayne says she even shot the ultimate plushie video with this plush and an equally large teddybear, for the ultimate soft threesome. Tonight, of course, she is cosplaying Misty and it is free this Halloween weekend to set up a profile to talk Pokemon with her and everyone in her room.


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