Princess Shirahoshi Cosplay


Mermaids are hands down one of the top five oldest and sexiest men have been telling since they started sailing the seven seas. What’s not to love about a beautiful woman who appears from the ocean practically naked to seduce you? It’s even better when that mermaid is Princess Shirahoshi, daughter of Poseidon and with largest breasts in all the ocean, from One Piece.

It’s also perfect for a Vietnamese cosplayer named Amo, with an ample bust of her own to try and contain. This Vietnamese beauty replicated Shirahoshi’s look perfectly, right down to the pearl covered halter top that gives us an amazing peak at that stunning bosom. Amo is leaving very little to the imagination with this cosplay except for what might be hiding beneath her long striped mermaid tail.

first time I ever do ing a -under water -photoshoot
kinda scare at first whisle i don’t know how to swim.


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