The Promised Neverland – Episode 6 Recap


It’s time to recap on episode 6th of The Promised Neverland and make sure we review before we watch the second season that’s coming very soon! If you haven’t yet, you can read the recap for the 5th episode here.

Emma, Ray and Norman found the books from William Minerva with secret messages. They are just words but it’s enough for them to know that there’s life outside the farm and they have to get out. If they do escape from the farm, what’s waiting for them outside? Is William Minerva even a real person?

Don and Galida snuck around Mama’s room and found a grim discovery — all of the orphans’ toys who were supposed to be “shipped out” to their new families. After all the secrets, stress fighting and planning, they may have possibly gotten a new ally… or is this just a trap?


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