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Korean and their games literally rocks the gaming industry. As you may know, every year the graphics of an online game keeps improving and improving. The very first multiplayer online role playing game the conquered the whole world in terms of online gaming, ragnarok was made by South korea. Another game in 2006 was released that was too good for it’s time was Granado Espada.

anna_600_800_sGranado Espada follows a unique art style based on the Baroque period of Europe, differing from the standard “sword and sorcery” fantasy themes of the genre. Unlike the typical MMORPG Grandao Espada rather than playing one character at a time, or using multiple clients, a player may control a party of up to three characters simultaneously. This aspect of the game gives it more of the feel of traditional, non-networked role-playing video games.

Our cosplayer for today is Yaya Han. She is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with over a decade of experience. After discovering cosplay at Anime Expo in 1999, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day Yaya has made close to 300 costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi and her own original designs

The Wizard is one of the playable classes in Granado Espada, a Korean fantasy MMORPG developed by IMC Games Co.,Ltd. Granado Espada features a unique art style based on the Baroque period of Europe, differing from the standard “sword and sorcery” fantasy themes of the genre

The color scheme, black and whtie was followed for this cosplay and it made to look like a the traditional western high class outfit that’s being wore in well known people’s party or events. The fabric for this whole outfit itself cost $100 per yard and even the black satin serving as the skirt base was a heavy bridal satin. The hat was made of 3 bases in different Wonderflex and covered in matching fabrics. The noticeable Ostrich feathers in the hat was added.

Yaya Han is an exceptional cosplayer with a great talent for both modelling and tailoring her costumes let’s at least support her by following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel and DeviantArt. Let’s also support her photographer Anna Fisher Photography.

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