Noir Classic Emily Bloom


The famous EmilyBloom is streaming in black and white noir sexiness today. She says she thinks everyone looks more refined in black and white and I must say it certainly works with her fine bone structure. She is wearing flapper finery, including a sequin dress with matching headband over her old time marcel curls and loops and loops of pearls around her elegant throat. The background music is 1920’s big band swing music. She looks like she just stepped out of a film on TCM where the stodgy family disapproves but is won over by the incredible charm of the plucky heroine or possibly one where a man commits murder for a dangerous dame and somebody doublecrosses somebody else who thinks they are the one doing the doublecrossing until the last minute when all is revealed. A much more lovely all will be revealed later in EmilyBloom‘s show. Here smile is so warm that I’m mentally casting her in the plucky heroine role. She says she has watched so much media from that time period that she can come up with her own variations. It is free to sign up to see her show today, but you can make explosions fly across her screen with certain tips, which is really fun. She says, upon reflection, she should have made the exploding animations black and white for today, but next time.

Model, actress and YouTuber, Playmate, XBIZ’19, Cammy’19 and AVN’20 best camgirl, AVN CamStar May’19, AVN 2020 host, MFC #77 Apr’20


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