Jiaki Darkness is Black Jack


Need a doctor? Dr. Kuroo Hazama, also known as Black Jack from the anime Black Jack, will take good care of you… That is if the price is right! He is a mercenary surgeon who offers his services to those who can afford it. Thus, he doesn’t mind dealing with criminals as long as he gets paid. He may seem greedy and hideous because of his appearance but there’s more to this anime doctor than meets the eye.

Here’s Chiaki‘s sexy and gorgeous Black Jack cosplay. Chiaki, also known as Jiaki Darkness, is a talented Taiwanese cosplayer who has traveled around the globe to show everyone his love and enthusiasm for the art of cosplay. His beauty is totally unique that it can easily go on with any character he wish to cosplay! Pretty cool right!

If you wanna see more of him, you may visit his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page.


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