Doll-like Elfen Lied Cosplay


The first time I saw these photos I thought I was looking at a doll. Upon closer inspection I realized I was looking at a terrific cosplay of Lucy from Elfen Lied photographed by KEI. The cosplay is by a Ukranian cosplayer who goes by the name of Crazy Joker. Her works range from cosplaying anime characters, game characters, and she also does original conceptual photoshoots. It is evident in her photos that she has a beautiful body and she isn’t ashamed to show it.

Elfen Lied is one of those anime that you shouldn’t judge at first glance. Its cover art is cute and it wreaks of pink, yes. But the story is far from sweet and innocent. It actually involves themes relating to social alienation, prejudice, revenge and the like. Not to mention some scenes in the anime are bloody violent and some have nudity. It is definitely not a kid’s anime.


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