Daily life on rangers


We’ll gonna look on the other side of a some deadly archers in Dota 2. Double trouble guys since today we have the Drow Ranger and the Windranger. Traxex the Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero whose greatest assets are her incredible damage and ability to keep threats at bay. Traxex is a carry who, though lacking survivability, provides a worthwhile contribution through her damage alone while Lyralei the Windranger is also a ranged intelligence hero that uses powerful abilities in conjunction with her physical attack to take down enemies.

I like this kind of cosplay because it doesn’t only blend these old age characters with the modern era but also gives them this very peculiar character portrayal for themselves. As you can see, their choice of clothing reflects their combat gears for example, Traxex who is still wearing that very dark and blue clothing which represents archer of the night while Lyralei wears this very bright and vibrant clothing showing life and nature in the day. I love how Traxex maintains this very cool and silent attitude while Lyralei is having fun. These really are the Sun and the Moon.

Now our cosplayer for today is one of Milligan Vick‘s model, Karina(Windranger) and Maria(Drow Ranger). Milligan is a professional photographer, make up artist, graphic artist who knows a lot of model or cosplayers who she can collaborate with either making a costumer with or for her and doing the photoshoot and lightroom editing. See for yourself the expression, the costume, the hair, the body feature of the model really matches the character. For all I can say this is one of Milligan Vick’s masterpiece. View more of Milligan Vick’s work at her website and don’t forget to follow her twitter.


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