Cool Nana Osaki Cosplay by Demi Doom


For a girl who has a knack for alternative fashion sense, Nana Osaki would be one of the perfect character to cosplay for her cool rock star looks. She may look tough because of the way she dress up and carry herself but Nana Osaki is actually a very kind person who only dreams to be a successful lead vocalist of Blast.

Here’s a cool Nana Osaki Cosplay by Demi Doom which she wore at QCon New York 2016. To create the whole look, she simply wore a black tank top with a red checkered mini skirt and studded leather belt to create that rock star look. She also wore a pair of black high tights and a beautiful pair of alternative fashion inspired boots. To top it of, she also wore a black leather jacket with cool details and dark make up for that goth rock star look.

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki


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