Rinoa Heartilly by LadyDaniela89 Cosplay


Well hello pretty lady!

You are so adorable!

I present you a true beauty from Final Fantasy VIII, sexy Rinoa Heartilly revived by dangerous LadyDaniela89 Cosplay!

Ok, I think that boys could look at this beautiful face and those sexy shaped legs all day!

But be careful! Her legs are not the only weapon!

Yes, you can notice Blaster Edge, a bladed projectile that she launches from a firing mechanism on her left arm… when she is attacked.

But where is your Angelo, LadyDaniela89?

Ok, he is probably fallen asleep after all those battles and delicious bones…

Really nice work, dear. I hope that next time you will be with your K9 friend.

If you want to see more from this sweety, visit her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page.

Photos were taken by Piergiorgio Gastaldo Photography.


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