Fire Prince Zuko Cosplay by Jim Fong


In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko was one of the most notable enemies of Aang, the current Avatar. He is the scarred prince from the Fire Nation who was banished by his own father. Now, to regain his right as the Fire Prince and successor of the throne, he began his conquest to capture the Avatar and hand him over to his father. However by the unexpected turn of events, he became one of the Avatar’s companion and taught the Avatar how to master his fire bending skills. Despite being ill-tempered, he is one of the most reliable and most trusted ally of Aang.

Here’s a very creative Fire Prince Zuko cosplay by Jim Fong. I’ve got to say it was really cool. He made the scar look so real that it doesn’t need much editing nor filters in the photos to make it look better. He even made a red pompom look like flames in one of his photos which shows his creativity and brilliance as a cosplay artist!


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